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4 podcasts to help you navigate the coronavirus crisis

We are huge fans of podcasts in any situation! But since the coronavirus hit, they have become our way of staying connected and informed whilst in lockdown. Whilst social media and the news can be a source of stress and overwhelm,  podcasts can be a treasure trove of positivity – you just have to know where to look. Here are our recommendations for the best podcasts to help you navigate this weird time. 


Elizabeth Day – How To Fail Podcast

We have featured Elizabeth Day within our Adia community numerous times. Her book, and podcast of the same name, explore the concept that all of our failures contribute to our successes. Elizabeth has been generously honest about her own ‘failure’ to have children and infertility and loss are themes she often comes back to during her chats with celebrity guests. However, they also delve into other subjects often considered taboo. Whether it’s discussing eating disorders with Fearne Cotton or alcoholism with Marian Keyes, you will always come away learning something new and understanding that even those we deem super successful have had to navigate trying times. 

Skip To: Mo Gawdat on how to cope with anxiety in the time of Coronavirus – Mo, author of Solve for Happy, was a guest on an earlier episode of How To Fail, where he discussed his ‘equation for happiness’ and how he applied that to his own life when he lost his son. Mo’s wisdom and unique perspective have a profound impact on anyone who hears him speak, so this special recording all about Coronavirus is essential listening. 



Big Fat Negative Podcast

Our founder Lina was a guest on the Big Fat Negative podcast and it is just as great to listen to as it is to be on! Co-hosted by journalists and friends, Emma and Gabriella, these podcasts has followed their own individual fertility journeys and tackled everything from IVF to miscarriage. Throughout each series, they interview a host of experts who share their advice in a friendly and easy to digest way and they always manage to get a few laughs in, even when discussing tough topics. This podcast is perfect if you want to feel informed and supported when trying to conceive, without feeling totally overwhelmed. 

Skip to: How it feels to have a cycle cancelled. For anyone going through IVF, the current crisis has brought a whole host of problems. Having your cycle cancelled is the worst-case scenario for many would-be IVF patients. In this special episode, Emma and Gabriella chat to Nicole Robinson, who, unfortunately, had her process suspended when lockdown hit. If this is something you’re going through or concerned about, this chat will make you feel less alone.



Fearne Cotton – Happy Place Podcast

Whenever we need cheering up, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place is our first podcast pit stop. Each episode feels like you’re just popping round to a friend’s for a cup of tea and great chat – something we are definitely craving right now! Similarly to Elizabeth Day, Fearne chats to celebrity guests each week, and finds our how they lead a happy, healthy life – and, in some cases, how they have overcome adversity to do so. Fearne is a huge advocate for the mind, body, soul connection, so exercise, yoga and meditation always seem to pop up during her conversations! 

Skip To:  Russel Brand: In Isolation Russel Brand may be a divisive character, but there’s no denying that he has an interesting and rounded viewpoint on the world. Fearne and Russel take a philosophical deep dive into Coronavirus crisis and explore what it means for us culturally. The conversation will help you find some light in a very dark situation and help you make sense of what is a really confusing time. 



Goop Podcast 

It’s almost impossible to think about modern women’s health and not think about Gwenyth Paltrow and Goop. Whether they’re discussing Energy Medicine or tapping into your ‘Orgasm Potential’, you’re always guaranteed to get a thought-provoking conversation when you listen to the Goop Podcast. Even if alternative therapies aren’t your thing, we would recommend giving this podcast series a go. Each episode gives us food for thought and ideas on how we can apply their theories to our own lives. If you love this podcast you should also give their Netflix series a go – enriching and insightful it makes us feel a bit less guilty about all the binge-watching we’re doing! 

Skip To: How To Ground Yourself In Uncertain Times. Goop’s Chief Content Officer (and Gwenyth’s right-hand woman) Elise Loehnen chats to psychiatrist Judson Brewer about staying calm during the current crisis. Judson shares practical tips on grounding yourself and managing your mental health during the lockdown. There is also another interesting episode about reducing anxiety for kids, which is definitely worth a listen if you have a young family. 


We would love to know your favourite podcasts! Have you listened to an episode recently that’s helped you feel better about the current situation?  Let us know in the comments below!




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