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Adia’s New Look!

Adia has had a makeover! Eagle-eyed members of our platform may have noticed a few changes recently. Not only have we added exciting new features such as our newsfeed and new courses including Emotional Health 101, but the whole look and feel of the website has had a refresh!

The person behind Adia’s new look is Vicky Fox, a Product and UX designer who has previously worked with leading brands including ASOS and Bloom and Wild.

Over the last year, we completed lots of research into how our community are using Adia and even worked with the Wellcome Trust to produce a study on the topic. When it came to the design, we had suggestions from you on how we could improve your user experience – Vicky was the perfect person to make those ideas a reality.



“We wanted to refresh and update the look and feel of Adia, and to make it easier to discover all the amazing content we have to offer.” Vicky says “We also wanted to inject some more vibrancy and positivity in to the experience”.

Vicky took a lot of her inspiration from organic shapes, textures and colours – ‘with a bit of artistic flair thrown in!’ she adds,“The natural shapes and colour give a sense of grounding, stability and comfort and the hand-written text evoke a sense of the human hand, which I think is important as Adia is built on human connections.”



Everything from our typography to our images were tweaked to improve the user experience – whilst always keeping the ethos of the Adia brand at the centre. “The typography we refined, but unless you’re a designer you may not notice a great difference, but it all contributes to a more modern and readable website. We also updated all the imagery for the courses and meditations to be more fresh and contemporary.”

Colour was another area that Vicky brought her expertise to. “Almost all the colours were tweaked slightly to have more depth and contrast with each other. We introduced a new colour for text links called rust which is a reddy brown and changed the primary CTA to a coral red so that it really stood out.” Vicky explains. “We’ve found this colour choice to be a bit divisive – some people love it, and some people find it too much. The good thing about digital is that it’s not that hard to change! So perhaps that will change in the future.”



One of the features Vicky is most excited about are the new audio versions of our courses, which were created to address accessibility. “ I think having them as audio files could prove to be really useful. I hope that people will find this both a time-saving and engaging way to consume all our fantastic content.”

So far, everyone seems to be enjoying the new website and we are already seeing our community grow as a result. “We’ve had great feedback from recent user testing, everyone loves the new look, and said they think it’s really clean and modern.” says Vicky “My main hope is that the design of the website makes people feel like Adia is a positive and nurturing place to be.”


What do you think of our new look? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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