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Adia’s official launch: talking all about women’s health

experts in femtech together

Last night, after months of research, planning and development, Adia celebrated its official launch with an event held at Huckletree Shoreditch. The Huckletree co-working spaces are female-founded hubs for innovative thought and meaningful collaboration, making it the perfect setting for an evening focussed on the future of women’s health and to formally introduce Adia to the world.

Change is needed in female health

As guests arrived, they were greeted with glasses of prosecco and asked to share their thoughts on the changes that need to happen in female health.

talking all about women's health

There was a wide range of answers, from better fertility education at a younger age to the normalisation of talking about female health symptoms. The broad reach of topics mentioned perfectly mirrored the holistic approach to fertility that Adia Health aims to provide and set the scene for an evening all about empowering conversation.

Bringing experts in femtech together

As well as marking the official launch of the Adia platform, the night was an opportunity to bring together some of the most pivotal experts in female health to share their thoughts on the progress that has been made so far in this important area and what needs to change.

The panel included Adia’s medical advisors, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Jessica Farren and Fertility Specialist, Dr Linda Farahani who have both worked to develop Adia’s approach and product. . Linda spoke about the research she is conducting on the impact of sperm health on miscarriage and Jessica discussed her research on the link between mental health and miscarriage. Both doctors strongly recognised the need for consistent care for hopeful or expectant mothers throughout their fertility journey.

“I think the issue with women’s health care is how disjointed it is, so I think what Adia has to offer, which is very unique, is the ability to walk them through the whole process,”

Dr Jessica Farren

There was also a strong recognition of the link between physical and mental health, and the need to treat them equally and at the same time.

The panel was also joined by Angela Chadwick, Author of XX – a dystopian novel based on a world where women can reproduce without men “so-called ovum to ovum technology.” Angela brought a cultural perspective and discussed the societal pressure put on women at every juncture of motherhood.

I’ve been looking at the cultural and political side of motherhood… women are so often infantilised throughout the process of pregnancy and birth, Adia is great because I’ve not come across this kind of empowering, holistic approach to female health before.

Lina Chan – CEO & Co-Founder of Adia


change is needed in female health


Femtech pioneer and Elvie founder and CEO, Tania Boler and Bloody Good Period founder, Gabby Edlin completed the panel and talked about the way technology- from wearables to apps – is not only improving access to healthcare but also women’s understanding of their bodies. They also discussed how innovation is helping change the language surrounding women’s health issues, opening up the conversation and breaking down fertility taboos, which is something Adia Founder Lina also feels passionately about.

“I am absolutely thrilled at the turn-out tonight.  It’s a true testament to the importance of having more open and empowering conversations about female health. I was really inspired by the women who came and shared and I’m excited to see how Adia is really making an impact to break the taboo and help women be proactive about their health.”

Lina Chan – CEO & Co-Founder of Adia

Questions from our diverse audience

As the floor opened for questions, the diversity in the room became evident, making it clear that reproductive health is not only something that concerns women thinking about children, but is a much wider societal issue or, as the panel put it, ‘female health is human health’.

Men and women from across technology, healthcare and beyond posed questions on a far-reaching range of topics from NHS funding to flexible working, menopause to childcare. The varied and impassioned response from the audience supports Adia’s belief that collaboration is an essential ingredient for change.

“It was brilliant to see female leaders coming together from all different sectors to talk about what needs to change in women’s health. By collaborating, having open conversations, and challenging the status quo we can create real change. I’m so proud to be part of a movement that is pushing for better services for women.”

Rose Acton  – Adia Co-Founder and COO

As the evening due to a close, conversations about female health continued to flow on into the night and the buzz about the platform’s launch was palpable. New connections were made, new ideas were created and Adia’s place as one London’s most exciting femtech companies was secured.

This is the first in a series of meetups with specialists in women’s health.



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