A note from Katie

Hello, I’m Katie a nutritionist and researcher who specialises in maternal and child health at King’s College London.

I’m very excited to have developed this nutrition programme with Adia, over the course of the next 12 weeks we are going to guide you through the changes you can make to improve your fertility and preconception health.

We will help you better understand your current diet and habits, explain the science behind the link between nutritional and reproductive health, give you an actionable task/change each week along with recipe inspiration. If you have questions as you are going through the programme, you can submit a question to me at any time.

So why should you follow this nutrition programme? Nutrition and BMI are very important building blocks for fertility and preconception health. You may be surprised to hear that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do to boost your fertility and health. There are also a number of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for a healthy pregnancy, including Folic Acid and Vitamin D. To ensure the best outcomes it is important to optimise your health – both before conception and during pregnancy.

We have specifically designed this as a 12 week programme – as our body begins “recruiting” the egg for each cycle three months before actual ovulation. It also takes the same amount of time for men to produce new sperm. So during the three months before preconception it is important to ensure you have the right nutrients to help support a healthy egg (and sperm!).

Your task for this week is very simple, take a few minutes to commit to making a change each week – you might want to mention it to a friend or a colleague so that you have a social commitment. If you have a partner, commit to making the changes together. Perhaps you could schedule some time in your diary each week to review the programme?