Round up

Congratulations on making it to the end of the programme! Over the last three months we have guided you through a number of changes to boost your fertility health:

  1. Understanding your diet & the importance of nutrition
  2. Managing your BMI
  3. Adding your prenatal vitamins
  4. Swapping from white to wholegrain, and from easily digestible to slowly digestible.
  5. Cutting back on trans fat & adding in mono-polyunsaturated fats
  6. Adding more plant based protein
  7. Adding pro and prebiotics for your tummy health
  8. Keeping moving with physical activity
  9. Eating mindfully
  10. Focussing on drinking water, and cutting  out fizzy drinks and alcohol
  11. Changing your environment to promote healthy habits
  12. Reviewing any barriers to progress.


It takes your body three months to recruit an egg, so these three months are a brilliant opportunity to boost your egg health.

The changes we have guided you through in this programme represent an opportunity to make healthy eating a lifelong habit, not just something to try while trying to conceive.

If you do fall pregnant – there is an additional week on key do’s and don’ts for pregnancy too.


Your final to do

  • Reflect on your diet and lifestyle, have you made all the changes you wanted to?
  • Think about whether there are any barriers to you making all the changes, or sticking to them. Identify these barriers and put in place a plan to tackle them.