Support networks

In collaboration with Dr Camilla Rosan

Social support is important for everyone’s emotional wellbeing, and has been found in research studies to protect against poor mental health. Building stronger, wider social connections can help us feel happier and more secure, and give us a greater sense of purpose. Perhaps you can arrange a day out with friends you haven’t seen for a while, have lunch with a colleague or volunteer in your local community?

When trying to conceive, your close friends and family may not have experienced the same challenges as you, or you may want to speak to someone you don’t know. Research shows that ‘peer support’ – support by a ‘peer’ or someone who you feel has personal experience of similar difficulties to yourself – is particularly effective if you are trying to conceive. It can help to normalise your experiences, reduce symptoms of stress and relieve loneliness and isolation. There are many communities online, including the Adia community, who provide support through sharing and talking about experiences. A lot of women find this peer support invaluable. If you have more specific questions about certain communities, do reach out to your Adia Coach.