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Best podcasts of 2019

best podcasts of 2019

In this blog we set out the best podcasts of 2019 (so far), covering women’s health, wellbeing and popular culture. Are you more of a bookworm than a podcast nerd? Then check out our top recommendations for women’s health books and our current favourite fertility books.


The Adia Health list for the best podcasts of 2019

Whether you’re commuting, cleaning or simply feeling too lazy to hold up a book, podcasts are the perfect way to get some hands-free information on everything from female health and motherhood to politics and careers. Enrich your ‘play next’ list with some of Adia’s favourite series from around the world.


Happy Mum, Happy Baby – Giovanna Fletcher

Happy Mum, Happy Baby - Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher is known for her openness in discussing motherhood and has been an active force in removing the stigma surrounding miscarriage. This theme of openness continues in to her podcast, where she and her celebrity guests chat about the joy of becoming a parent, but without skipping over the bad bits. Funny, supportive and judgement free, Happy Mum, Happy Baby is like a friendly coffee morning you would love to be invited to.

Skip to: Blogger and ‘Make Motherhood Diverse’ campaigner Candice Braithwaite spoke to Giovanna about her experience of motherhood as a black woman, in one of the most enlightening episodes of the series. Candice tackles tough subjects, including her postpartum depression, with honesty and humour, making this episode a must listen.


Ways To Change The World – Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Ways To Change The World - Krishnan Guru-MurthyAs a seasoned journalist, having been breaking the news to us since 1998, it’s no surprise that Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s podcast delivers some of the most thought provoking interviews of recent times. The series gives guests, ranging from comedians to politicians, the platform to discuss the subject they are most passionate about, which, coupled with Krishnan’s trademark tough line of questioning, makes for fascinating listening. This is one of the best podcasts you can listen to in 2019.

Skip to: In our favourite episode, inspiring activist Munroe Bergdorf speaks eloquently and fervently about transphobia, racism and the controversy surrounding her sacking from L’Oreal. With so much written about Munroe, it’s refreshing to get an in-depth, no holds barred account of her experience as a black trans-woman.


Ctrl, Alt Delete – Emma Gannon

Ctrl, Alt Delete - Emma GannonCtrl, Alt, Delete’s popularity has grown dramatically over the last three years, and host Emma Gannon’s star has risen in tandem. The podcast is built on the foundations of business, creativity and the internet – and examines how the three intersect at the juncture of modern careers. However, more recently Emma has ventured into heftier topics including mental illness, sexism and female health. Every episode will leave you feeling wiser, brighter and inspired to take on new challenges.

Skip to: Though it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, we would definitely recommend checking out Emma’s chat with Cosmopolitan editor Farrah Storr. They discuss the myth of ‘having it all’, getting comfortable with your own discomfort and Farrah’s decision to not have children – lifting the lid on life behind the glossy veneer of women’s magazines.


The V Word – Dr Jenn & Dr Erica

The V Word - Dr Jenn & Dr EricaDr Jennifer and Dr Erica are both internationally renowned obstetricians and, in their words, ‘badass gynecologists.’ They are passionate about making female health accessible and easy to understand and, most of all, they like talking about vaginas. On their podcast they cover a broad range of topics from feminist porn to postpartum periods, and manage to be both endearing and informative in equal measure.

Skip to: The episode all about birth control. Jenn & Erica cover the success rates and side effects of every contraception imaginable in a light and easily digestible way. They also examine the historical and cultural context of birth control in the United States, which feels especially timely in America’s current political climate, where women’s reproductive rights are once again under the microscope.


RNZ: Bang! – Melody Thomas

RNZ Bang! - Melody ThomasWhen Radio New Zealand’s Melody Thomas began her sex and sexuality podcast ‘Bang!’ she was aiming to break down the infertility taboos and shame people often felt talking about these intimate topics. 18 months and 2 season’s later, Melody has certainly done that, interviewing real people on everything from losing their virginity to sex in later life. Season 3 is due to start in March, but there’s a whole back catalogue of great episodes available to keep you going until then.

Skip to: Episode 5: Maybe, Baby. Melody speaks to real couples about the effect both trying to conceive and having children has had on their sex life. The episode’s intro also includes an extremely cute (and also pretty scientifically accurate) description of where babies come from, courtesy of Melody’s daughter Daisy.


Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

Happy Place - Fearne CottonFearne Cotton’s 20 years of being the ‘girl next door’ of show business have cultivated quite the address book of high profile friends – which comes in handy when launching your own podcast. But Happy Place scratches under the surface of celebrity, instead focusing on the simple things in life that brings guests their happiness and nurtures their mental well being – even in the face of adversity. Earnest and upfliting, Happy Place is a perfect palette cleanser to all the negativity in the world today.

Skip to: The episode with Cop-A-Feel founder Kris Hallenga. Kris discusses living with cancer, finding positivity within heartbreak and how important it is to follow your gut. The episode will definitely help you put the human experience in perspective and encourage you to live a glass half full life.

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