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Fertility diet: berry smoothie

Smoothies are great if you’re in a rush, but want some goodness to start your day! And you can just use up the fruit you have in fridge, or stockpile some frozen fruit (that way your smoothie is nice and cold, and you don’t need to worry about the fruit going off!)  

This smoothie recipe contains plant based protein (with the almonds) and probiotics (with the kefir yoghurt)  Research shows that adding more plant based protein is good for your fertility.

Adding probiotics and prebiotics to your diet can also help maintain a healthy digestive system by supporting our microbiota. Probiotics are commonly referred to as ‘good bacteria’ and can be found in live yoghurts and kefir.   


1 banana

3 spoonfuls of kefir yoghurt

3 spoonfuls of oats

Handful of almonds

Spoonful of linseeds

Berries (like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)

Milk (or dairy free alternative like almond milk)


One easy step – blend all together and enjoy!

To find out more about your nutritional health, Adia offers a nutritional check through an easy finger-prick blood test. Find out more about our Nutrition test here.


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