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#Adiatalks recap – Continue the conversation on meditation and fertility!

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Building on your positive feedback on our free Meditation for Fertility program and to celebrate World Mental Health Day, we hosted a Digital Meet Up with Clare Connolly, our in-house meditation expert. Clare is also the soothing voice behind our guided meditations for fertility, which you should definitely try if you haven’t already!


What did we learn?

Through Clare’s expertise and Lina’s personal experience, we explored the importance of emotional health and wellbeing in preconception care, fertility planning and navigating your journey through loss. We looked at where meditation and mindfulness can fit into this.

Our first question came in from Erica, who asked the difference between the two and the benefits of each. Although they do overlap, Clare explained that mindfulness is about increasing awareness of what’s going on around us and our reactions, whilst meditation is more about internal awareness. Meditation is a practice that we can use to find peace and clear mental noise through stillness, mantras and breathing techniques to support relaxation, release and grounding ourselves.

They may sound slightly elusive especially with the busy lives we all lead, but with Lina’s and Clare’s top tips on how to make them a regular part your daily routine you may even find yourself practising mindfulness on your commute to work!

To take us out of our heads and allow us to experience all of the benefits that had been discussed, we finished the Meet Up with a calming guided meditation from Clare. Starting with deepening our breath, we then practised our own affirmations and ended with a full-body relaxation exercise – as if we weren’t relaxed enough already!

It may take a bit of discipline to get into the habit of meditating and being mindful,  but it’s quite simple when it all comes down to it.  They are simple yet effective practices that we can weave into multiple moments throughout our day, especially through the sometimes challenging journey towards conception and parenthood.


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