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Female entrepreneurs in the UK: Lina Chan on Tech Talks

lina chan female entrepreneur uk

We’re delighted that Lina Chan ,Founder of Adia, is featured on Tech Talks this week. Tech Talks is a podcast interviewing technology leaders. Lina is part of a growing wave of female entrepreneurs in the UK who are looking to develop products and services that better serve women’s needs through technology.

David Savage set up Tech Talks after realising how there was alack of content available for technology leaders, and that nothing explored the challenges they face without adding an ‘instagram gloss’ to events. So David launched Tech Talks, a podcast offering honest insight and a community technology leaders could tap into.


Lina Chan CEO Tech Talks female entrepreneur uk

Why we need better solutions

In the podcast Lina talks about how Adia emerged from Lina’s personal experience.  She says

I didn’t really think about conception in my 20s – but when I started I struggled to conceive and lost my first two pregnancies.

When Lina eventually found the right support, she found out she had a precondition that increased her risk of complications. Throughout her journey she describes always feeling on “her back foot” – and she realised that the current reactive approach, which only provides women with support when things go wrong, is no longer fit for purpose. Why are we taught to prevent getting pregnant, but not how to plan or prepare for it? More and more female entrepreneurs in the UK are using their personal experiences to challenge the status quo, from Elvie’s world first’s silent wearable breast pump to Daye’s pain relieving tampon.

What’s needed so we have more female entrepreneurs success stories?

Lina started the business when her second child was 6 weeks old – which is quite the feat! In this podcast Lina talks about how it’s crucial to have the right support to make sure that female entrepreneurs in the UK can succeed. This ranges from making sure that the ecosystem provides the right support to female entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses (Adia was born out of Google Campus for Moms and Zinc VC) and making sure that the right family support is in place.

Building a trusted brand

Lina also talks about how important it was to build a trusted brand – typically fertility services are either very medical or full of pictures of babies, which when she was struggling to conceive she found very difficult. Lina wanted to build a trusted brand, and to do things differently. Adia means “innate strength” – this is core to the mission, helping women tap into their innate strength if they experience difficulties on their journey.

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