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10 fertility books to help you on your journey to parenthood

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Finding good books about fertility is not an easy task. It’s true, there are thousands of books talking about topics surrounding fertility. However, a lot of them include books that offer promises, 2-month programmes and miracles to “cure” your infertility and promising that you will get pregnant fast.

At Adia, we believe it’s important not to offer cures, but support and advice on the emotional side of fertility. For this list, we have focused on titles that either share personal stories to help you cope with infertility or offer practical guidance –  in most cases with scientific data to backup the information.

We love reading and we already wrote a list with some of the best women’s health books available out there. We’ve reviewed Angela’s Chadwick XX so check our blog regularly for our recommendations on good reads.

Our favourite fertility books to cope with the emotional stress of the journey

The following are some of our current favourite books about fertility. The order of the books is completely random and this is not a ranking by any means. Every book mentioned is a recommendation from our team.

Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant – Jean M. Twenge

In this book, Dr. Twenge explains how to prepare physically and mentally when planning for pregnancy. She covers aspects such as how to talk about it with family, friends or your partner, how to know when you are ovulating or the best time to have sex. She also talks about how to handle the great sadness of miscarriage or infertility.

The style of the author is refreshing as she is very honest about every topic. It’s a brilliant read, funny and motivating at the same time.

This is especially recommended for women over 30 who are trying for a baby. Reading this book is like having a friend who has done all the research for you and boiled it down to the essentials. The point of the book is to choose the path that’s best for you and your mental well being, something we truly appreciate.

This book is also a fabulous resource of research with citations for all scientific studies listed in more than 10 pages. One of the greatest accomplishments of the author is how she busts myths and gives the facts straight.

If you want to check how we debunked some of these myths check our recent blog post on fertility myths.


Empty Cradle, Broken Heart – Deborah Davis

Miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death are not easy topics to write or read about.

This book is written by a mother who suffered the same experience, so it comes from the heart and readers truly appreciate her words.

The book is accessible and realistic and doesn’t tell you that you can heal quickly or give you false promises. Instead, the book covers experiences from other parents and is highly recommended for those who suffered the loss of a child.

This is our first recommendation on the topic of miscarriage and not the last one in this list of recommended fertility books.

If you want to learn more about the topic check our blog on silent miscarriage where you may also find the audio for our latest digital meet-up all related to miscarriage.

The infertility experience – Sally Coombs

The journey of infertility is deeply personal and unique. This is something the author makes clear from the start. The main message here is one of empowerment and guiding you to positive action. Sally focuses on the emotional side and on the strategies coping with infertility.

This book includes self-help tools, exercises and resources but mainly focuses on dealing with the negative feelings and the link between infertility and mental health.

You may also be interested in reading our blog about infertility and mental health and the recent one about the stress of coping with infertility.

Not pregnant: a companion for the emotional journey of infertility – Cathie Quillet,  Dr. Shannon Sutherland

Cathie Quillet suffered 4 miscarriages and years of infertility. This book is filled with real stories from women who have been there and ob-gyn Dr. Shannon Sutherland adds the medical and scientific view of the infertility journey, Not Pregnant is the emotional companion you need when you feel alone in this complex journey.

A book that focuses on the emotional side of the struggle, it’s especially recommended for those struggling with secondary infertility.

Get A Life: His & Hers Survival Guide to IVF – Rosie Bray and Richard Mackney

In this list of our favourite fertility books we had to include a personal account of the IVF process.

The book follows Rosie and Richard on their fertility journey whilst they try for a baby. The real story leads the reader through the actual IVF process. Rosie and Richard have their own chapters and therefore the book reflects advice for women at the same time as being a survival guide for men.

The couple’s experience with IVF is a roller coaster of emotions but they still manage to write the book with a sense of humour.

A book recommended for all those planning to start IVF – especially in the UK where the story is located. The IVF process is described very accurately from a male and female perspective, making it an important read for couples.

This is a big topic we often cover in our blog, you can read a personal story named “My IVF journey” and learn the scientific side about it in our main blog about IVF.

The Pursuit of Motherhood – Jessica Hepburn

This is probably one of the most popular and best-rated books in our list of favourite fertility books.

This is an honest and painful journey of infertility and is not just about the pursuit of motherhood but also womanhood. At the same time, it makes what can be a painful moment seem a little bit more hopeful. There are no magic formulas or promises, simply the real infertility experience of Jessica and her roller coaster of multiple IVF treatments in the UK.

Simply one of the best infertility memoirs you can read.

The Brink of Being: Talking About Miscarriage – Julia Bueno

In this book, psychotherapist Julia Bueno encourages us to talk about, think more, and reflect upon the taboo topic of miscarriage.

This book about pregnancy loss is compassionate and thoughtful and mixes personal stories with science.

This read will be helpful for those who, as the author, experienced miscarriage and people who know others that did.

The baby loss guide: Practical and compassionate support with a day-by-day resource to navigate the path of grief – Zoë Clark-Coates

Written by an expert on the topic of baby loss, this book provides passionate and compassionate advice.

Is not just a book for grieving parents but for families and friends to support the loved ones. The author describes losses at different stages and starts by sharing her personal story. This makes you connect immediately with her knowing that the words are written from her heart and she is no stranger to the experience, therefore you are not alone.

An ultimate guide to coping with baby loss that will touch your deepest emotions, a must read.

Unsung Lullabies – Martha Diamond

In the hall of fame of books on how to cope with infertility, this one should be at the top. This is one of those reads that delve into the real emotion of the experience and how to cope with the pain of baby loss. The book is written by three psychologists who all went through infertility. However, this book is not exclusively written for those dealing with infertility but also anyone that has a friend or family member suffering the same process.

A really helpful and insightful book and one of the most popular and best rated reads from our list of favourite fertility books. A must-read for anyone struggling with infertility.

The underachieving ovary: A hilarious and heartbreaking infertility memoir about love, life, and lazy ovaries – JT Lawrence

Our last recommendation is an honest and satisfying must-read for anyone battling endometriosis or infertility. Funny and sad at the same time but also brilliantly written.

This is a really special memoir that deals with a life of infertility, chronic pain, endometriosis and the desire to conceive.

Definitely an emotional roller coaster of a read and currently the best-rated book in this list according to GoodReads users.

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the best fertility books out there. Did you read any of these books? feel free to add your comments and suggestions below.

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