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Fertility fairness

This week marks Fertility Awareness Week 2018, and here at Adia we’re using it as an opportunity to shine a light on women’s experiences of fertility treatment – and the need for change.

This week the Victoria Derbyshire show found that women over 34 are being automatically refused IVF treatment on the NHS in 12 areas of England. IVF should be offered to women until age 42, yet 80% of areas are failing to do this.

Why we’re advocating for fertility fairness

This means that fair access to fertility treatment is a postcode lottery – this isn’t fair to the thousands of people struggling with fertility problems across the UK.

This approach to IVF – as well as not following the national guidelines – clearly doesn’t reflect the societal shift towards having children later and later. In fact, over-40s are the only age group with a rising conception rate. So having an age cut off of 34 is totally out of step with our society.

And it’s not just age where women face a postcode lottery. Areas also differ greatly on the number of rounds of IVF offered on the NHS. Nearly 90% of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) fail to offer the recommended three cycles of IVF treatment.

Navigating this system – with different rules in different areas – is very confusing, and women need more support.

Want to make a difference and take action? Add your voice to the Fertility Networks Scream4IVF campaign today.

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