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Fertility in the news

Khloé  Kardashian has hit the headlines this week with the birth of her baby girl (congratulations Khloé!). Before the news of her arrival, Khloé spoke openly about her struggles with infertility. Khloé joins a list of other well-known celebrities who have spoken openly about their struggles trying to conceive – Tyra Banks, Brooke Shields, Nicole Kidman, Jordana Brewster to name but a few.

Infertility affects 1 in 7 couples

Infertility is defined as a couple who can’t get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex over 12 months. It affects around 1 in 7 couples in the UK. That is approximately 3.5 million people. And for a quarter of people it is impossible to identify the cause. For some people, fertility treatments won’t work and they have to face the reality that they won’t conceive. Yet these experiences are so often unspoken.

Breaking the taboo

The stigma, feelings of shame, personal coping mechanisms can all mean that people find it difficult to talk about their struggles. It is so rare to hear open conversations on the topic – think about it, how many conversations have you had about infertility?

Talking openly about these struggles, however, will reveal just how common they are – helping women and their partners to feel less isolated and better supported. It’s great to see more and more celebrities opening up about their struggles with infertility – let’s make talking about infertility in vogue.

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