Confused by your fertility test results?

Many clinics and testing companies only provide generic results that are hard to understand, much less use to make decisions. We’re here to take the confusion out of fertility and help you take control of your health. Join Adia to submit your results and get your free fertility profile.

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Free Adia Fertility Profile

Submit your results online to Adia and we’ll prepare a full Adia Fertility Profile as if you had taken our at-home test. Rather than just seeing a number on a chart we’ll help you understand what it means. You’ll also learn what the combination of your results across these hormones means including for your ovarian reserve, ovulation, likely onset of menopause, and potential reactivity to IVF.

How it works?


Go to the fertility test and click to submit your results


Within 48 hours we’ll send you an email to view your report


You can then message Adia support or our fertility specialists to help with any questions

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