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It’s Christmas! A time of good cheer, celebration, relaxation and giving – right? Well, for many, the festive period can actually be pretty stressful – rushing around buying all the presents, a full house and too little sleep. We blog on how to keep your relationships happy and healthy over the holidays.

Planning to have a baby is a major life transition, and it can undoubtedly place pressure on your relationship whatever the time of year – so what makes a good relationship?. This can be really tough over the holidays when you feel like you should be feeling festive and jolly. So, whether you’ve been looking forward to Christmas since October or can’t wait for it to be over, we’ve pulled together some ideas for how you can stay focused on your relationships over the holidays.

Strong support networks

When you’re planning to get pregnant, wider relationships with your family and friends can also become more fraught. Strong support networks are important for everyone’s emotional health and wellbeing, and have been found in research studies to protect against poor mental health. Building social connections can help us to feel happier and more secure, and give us a great sense of purpose. Over the break, arrange a day out with friends you haven’t seen in a while, have lunch with a close family member or volunteer in your local community


Find a community you can connect with

When you’re trying to conceive, your close friends and family may not have experienced the same challenges as you, or you may want to speak to someone you don’t know. Research shows that ‘peer support’ from someone who personal experiences similar to your own can be particularly effective if you are trying to conceive. It can help to normalise your experiences, reduce symptoms of stress, relieve loneliness and even provide tips for trying to conceive. There are many communities online, including the Adia community, who provide emotional health support through sharing and talking about experiences. If you have more specific questions about finding a community you can connect with your coach.  Learn more about the fertility experts you can access of Adia and sign up to submit your questions directly!

In collaboration with Dr Camilla Rosan, clinical psychologist and couple therapist.

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