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Innovation and entrepreneurship: Adia featured in Sifted

innovation and entrepreneurship

We’re delighted to have been featured in Sifted (“My miscarriages exposed an unmet healthtech market”), the Financial Times-backed new-media platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Sifted is on a mission to build a trusted environment for the exchange of ideas, information and support within this dynamic startup community.

They provide high quality commentary, insight and analysis about Europe’s startup world. Recent articles have shone a light on important issues, from why warm introductions to investors are bad for diversity to the ethics around creating chat bots.

As a majority female founded team, building a startup focussed on radically changing our approach to women’s reproductive health, we’re very excited to have a voice on this platform.

A personal story behind innovation and entrepreneurship

When our founder Lina decided she was ready to start a family, she expected a blissful journey to motherhood but instead she experienced a stillbirth, miscarriage and sub-fertility. It was as a result of this experience that Lina decided to set up Adia.

“I felt like each pregnancy showed me different parts of the health journey a woman can go through from stillbirth to miscarriage to premature labour….Many women are told not to tell anyone about their miscarriage — it’s a very, very isolating experience. But tech is a way of breaking down isolation and access to services.”



Why we’re committed to understanding what works

The feature also talks about our innovative research work, funded by the Wellcome Trust, into whether proactive support in the preconception period improves mental health.

“It’s just as important for us to know what’s working as what’s not,”

Says Chan, who knows that users don’t always behave as expected. The founder remembers being surprised when only a few women self-referred to the free therapy sessions Adia first offered.

“We realised many women don’t even realise they’re going through emotional distress, and that getting therapy can still feel like a taboo,”

Collaboration is key to innovation – chat to us!

We’re always keen to talk to others who are in the innovation and entrepreneurship space, and believe that collaboration is key to delivering improved services for women – there’s lots of work to do!

If you’d like to chat to us, do reach out

As Lina concludes in the Sifted piece:

Any woman starting a business in femtech is doing us all a favour.

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