Stories about our journey, our members, and useful information about fertility.

Introducing Adia Quizzes!

We’re excited to announce Adia quizzes: a free set of online quizzes helping you get in touch with your period health. Once you take a quiz, you can discuss your results with our team of women’s health experts. It’s free to message our experts with any questions you have.

We’ve started with quizzes that help you identify if you might be at risk of three common conditions: endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS. Check them out here:

Why we do what we do

When Lina and I were struggling with our own fertility health, we always felt like we were on the back foot. There was so much we quickly realized we didn’t know about – and about our own bodies. I felt disappointed that while having kids was so important to me, I had done so little preparation to understand how to have them. 

I always thought of myself as a proactive person who looks ahead and takes on challenges head first. Yet the light bulb just never went on to investigate our fertility health before we had a problem. We didn’t know we were in the dark until we fell off the cliff.

When we founded Adia, we wanted to shine a light on these challenges. We also want to provide access to free support and tools that empower people on their health journeys. The first steps on that journey shouldn’t require expensive appointments, lengthy waits, or obstacles to getting and keeping your personal health data. Instead it’s critical that these steps turn on the light bulb and enable you to start down the right path with trusted support, are easy to take and the needed follow-on support easy to access.

Our aim is to scale this type of support to millions of women over time. We want to transform their health journeys to be proactive, confident and empowered. We’ll be developing new quizzes soon! If you have ideas or requests let us know on Twitter, Instagram or at