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Introducing the Adia Community Group

Thanks to your amazing feedback to our in-depth study on the benefits of support platforms like Adia earlier this year, combined with our team drawing on our own experiences of isolation and finding solace in sharing through infertility, it was clear that peer to peer support was a much-needed addition to the Adia platform. This is why we are extremely happy to announce that our online community group is now live and waiting for you to join!


The heart of our community

The Adia Community Group is an inclusive, safe space for our Adia family to support and be supported by each other through the ups and downs of your fertility journeys. Every so often you will be joined by our experts who will dip in and out of the group to share words of wisdom and encouragement as well.

There are three core foundations which we draw on to create all aspects of Adia, and our Community Group is no exception. The heart of our mission, our brand and our platform is to empower our users to stay informed about their reproductive health and be proactive in optimising their preconception health and fertility. Why? Because these are the pillars that help individuals feel at home in their bodies, empowered about their choices and supported through their journey.

So, how does this tie into our Community Group?


Feel empowered

Essentially our community is a sisterhood, a family, a group of shoulders to cry on and cheerleaders to spur each other on along their various journeys. It is a safe space for you to share your story, feelings, and questions in a judgement-free zone with others who can relate, lift you up and support you.

Our admin team will also be regular visitors, holding space, facilitating conversations where necessary and moderating your posts to ensure that you get the most from this space. This also gives you the option to post anonymously  (if you wish), as we know that even in safe spaces like this, there are some things that you may want to keep to yourself but still receive the support from the room.

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Stay informed

Adia provides a holistic support system, for (peace of) mind, body and soul. From access to our fertility experts, the meditation programmes and Adia’s At-Home Fertility test, the Adia Community Group adds an extra level of information exchange. From your fellow users to our experts and getting an inclusive insight into the fertility journeys of a few familiar faces, you will be privy to a wealth of information from science to stories and holistic support.


Be proactive

The advice and information shared in the group may play a fundamental role in your fertility journey even if your story is unique and different from everyone else. This is an open community (topic wise) where you are free to discuss any and everything around your reproductive journey including, but of course not limited to the following:

  • Hormones and periods
  • Physical health
  • Fertility treatment
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Sex and relationships
  • Loss journeys
  • Adia

Being an active member in the group means you have the opportunity to be ever more informed, inspired and prepared.


The loneliness of infertility

The high demand for online infertility support groups is a testament to just how much these safe spaces are needed as we embark on our journeys to improved preconception health and fertility. When our own journey is more similar to a runaway rollercoaster rather than a walk in the park, seeing family and friends announcing their joy or another baby on board badge can leave us feeling confused, grief-stricken and very much alone.

It is, unfortunately, often through the loneliness of infertility that we are drawn more closely together. Being part of a community that gets it, like the one we have created here at Adia, regularly reminds us that we are not alone, that someone cares, that someone understands and this alone can help make our sometimes very roundabout journeys more manageable – so join the community today!


How to get involved

Adia has been created by people for people to fulfil all of these goals and more. Created from the experience of our founders Lina and Tyler and as we grow, being co-created with you our wonderful community. Adia is created for and by our community.


Join the group

To join, you’ll need a Facebook account (and preferably an Adia account too). Once you have that, click on the link below, answer the 3 short sign-up questions and you’re ready to get chatting.


Always learning

You can also connect to our supportive community by joining one of our #adiatalks which we hold every few weeks. These digital meetups are a deep dive into a particular topic with Lina, our founder and one of our fertility experts.

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