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Introducing the Adia fertility feed

fertility feed

Fertility can be downright confusing. I remember when Lina and I started trying to conceive i didn’t even know or think anything about it! But when we struggled I had to learn and realised we new so little. Even more disconcerting — I realised I had no idea how to go about learning about fertility. I felt on the back foot for the most important thing in my life.

Since launching Adia we’ve talked with countless women who have the same frustration. That’s why I’m super excited to share Adia’s answer to this challenge. The Adia Fertility Feed provides expert written and curated content to help you learn about and understand fertility.

Check out this short video walking you through the Fertility Feed!

Fertility Feed

Find all the tools you need to empower and inform you on your reproductive journey from our fertility experts with Adia's Fertility Feed of science based content, personal journeys shared by our community members, nutritional blogs and much more, for a holistic journey to optimised reproductive health. ✔️ Whether you’re confused about fertility, struggling with your reproductive health or need some support on your journey, join Adia for free today! #FertilityJourney #FertilityFeed #ReproductiveHealth #WomensHealth #TTC #TryingToConceive #FertilityTips #FertilityExperts #PCOS #IVF

Posted by Adia on Tuesday, 22 October 2019


With your personal Fertility Feed you can cut the confusion and anxiety:

  • Save time – get all your fertility knowledge in one place
  • Get smart – we cover all the key topics you’ll need to know about.
  • Reduce stress – no more endless searches and worrying about the credibility of what you’re reading, our experts have got it covered
  • Get involved – and if we’re missing something you can always just ask us on the Adia Community and we’ll get to work on it.

Forget Dr. Google and look to Adia

Google’s great. I actually love search and all that we can find. I use it multiple times a day to figure out anything from the meaning of a word to how to do something. What’s common about these searches is that I can quickly assess quality. This certainty, and ability to trust results, starts to break down with certain types of content that are harder to verify. I don’t need to make this case here — we’ve seen that play out clearly with “fake news”! This challenging of assessing trust, and its associated consequences, is amplified when it comes to our personal health — and even more for fertility.


Your Adia Fertility Feed is your trusted aid for reproductive health learning

From my own fertility journey I distinctly remember how stressed Lina and I were searching Google for answers and not know what or who to trust. Simply put – we realised its just very hard to find reproductive health content that is accessible, relevant and trustworthy. The anxiety associated with all that just made us feel worse!

The Fertility Feed provides a continuous stream of content that is curated by our experts and the Adia team so you know you can trust it. Your Feed will also alert you to new offers for support on the Adia platform such as our meditation programs or fertility experts you can chat with.

Here’s how it works

1. Simply login and you’ll land right on the Feed

Adia Fertility Feed Dashboard

2. You can scroll and identify the types of posts by categories and see when it was published and the author

How Adia fertility feed works

3. Just click anywhere on the post to go and check it out

Post in Adia Fertility Feed








Adia’s trusted content

Working with our leading health experts we have now created a ton of great expert written articles addressing key issues in fertility. We’ve seen huge growth in readership on our blog and great feedback on how its a relief to be able to easily find information you know you can trust. As a result women have reported feeling more knowledgeable and also less stressed!

For instance, check out Linda’s post on “Fertile Signs” or this one on “Sperm Health”. Linda is a practicing gynaecologist in the NHS and a expert in fertility. She knows her stuff and shares it in a way that is both easy to understand but also gets into the nitty gritty stuff you need to know.


Dr. Linda Farahani

You can find loads more just like those on topics such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Premature Ovary Failure and more. We’re also integrating Community posts in the Newsfeed to help with tips for your fertility journey and ways Adia and our growing community can support you.


Looking forward – tell us what you think!

We’ll keep improving the Fertility Feed with new capabilities to help make it even easier and less stressful to learn about fertility. To share with others who are learning about fertility just join the Adia Community on Facebook. Or if there’s something you’d love to see or you think is missing you can get more involved join our community product group – Future Adia Group – where you can provide input into our Product Team to help us make it better.

We’d love to hear from you! Until then – happy reading on your newsfeed!

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