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Modern pregnancy

modern fertility

We’re determined to shine a light on modern pregnancy. Did you know one in four pregnancies end in loss? Or that 25% of pregnant women experience a mental health problem? Or that over 30% of women above 35 years of age experience infertility?

I didn’t know! Nobody talks about it. Like many women I learned about it the hard way, through miscarriage, stillbirth, and preterm birth. It was an unexpected and incredibly difficult journey. As I went through it, I realised so many other women shared this struggle.

Shining light on modern pregnancy

I’ve founded Adia to help break the taboo around pregnancy challenges. There is still a pervasive and strong infertility taboo. Women can feel a whole host of emotions, from shame to loneliness. But infertility and pregnancy challenges are actually so common, and it’s by sharing stories that we can start to realise we are not alone.

There’s a growing infertility community online which is brilliant. Lots of people report that these infertility support groups online help them connect with others who understand what they are going through. Sometimes it can be difficult speaking to friends and family members. Speaking to a peer who is going through a similar situation can really help.

We’re also increasingly seeing fertility in the news. With notable celebrities like Khloé  Kardashian stepping forward. And brilliant initiatives like the Fertility Fest 2019 are shining a light on experiences.

Despite all this positive progress – there’s still a way to go. Cultural norms like not announcing pregnancy until after the first trimester, perpetuates the silence that surrounds miscarriage. 

shining a light on modern pregnancy

Fertility and pregnancy is confusing and fragmented

We’re bringing fertility and pregnancy into the modern era. Why should women have to wait for over a year of trying to access tests to understand their health? Why do they have to endure three miscarriages before speaking to a specialist? Why do we rely on Dr Goolge? There’s a lot of work to do to ensure that women are better supported on their fertility journey.

‘You only get tests if you have multiple miscarriages. So if you don’t understand, you’re not going to understand any more. If you google why, you are inundated with information.’

The link between physical and mental health has also become more clear. During pregnancy, one in four women experience mental health problems. This has been shown to lead to poorer outcomes for the woman, the pregnancy and baby. Yet mental and physical health are often not joined up due to the fragmented nature of care.

More and more people are prioritising their career and delaying starting a family to a later age. This sadly increases risk of complications (as age is a major driver of risk). Meanwhile the growing incidence of other health concerns such as diabetes and obesity is also increasing risk of complications.

Revolutionising our approach to fertility and modern pregnancy

The time has never been more urgent to revolutionise fertility and modern pregnancy. Adia is a digital support platform for women’s health, starting with fertility. We are developing a trusted companion for your fertility journey. We provide at home fertility tests, holistic support for fertility health and access to fertility experts who cut through the confusing information you find online.

modern pregnancy

There are four core pillars to our approach:

  • Fertility blood tests: Take control of your fertility health by taking our easy at-home finger prick fertility blood tests.
  • Expert information: We have organised a team of fertility experts who will provide you with expert information, cutting through the confusion online.
  • Holistic support: Adia provides easy access to emotional support through meditations, as well as support for you physical health with a nutrition plan and coaching.


We’re receiving brilliant feedback from our users. Here’s what some users are saying:

I’m loving Adia

My wife & I came across Adia ….wishing something similar was around only three years ago when we could have used more support.

Adia is defining a whole new class of service to address this massive growing market need that is only going to grow more urgent.

Join the revolution

We have assembled a world class team including serial entrepreneurs, medical doctors, experienced executives, and policy experts. We are joined by Dr Jessica Farren, our medical adviser, the lead researcher on the impact of multiple miscarriages on mental health at Imperial College London. Dr Camilla Rosan, our psychology adviser and specialist in perinatal mental health.

Adia is also proudly a Zinc VC company — a social innovation programme focused on building tech companies to improve women’s mental health.

We’d also love to hear from you so please reach out to me at We are committed to shining a spotlight on women’s experiences and making sure our product is rooted in your needs. It’s time to radically rethink modern pregnancy and fertility.

Want to join us in this revolution?

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