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Modern pregnancy

modern pregnancy

Did you know one in four pregnancies end in loss? Or that 25% of pregnant women experience a mental health problem? over 30% of women above 35 years of age experience infertility? Pregnancy care is a complex topic.

I didn’t know! Nobody talks about it. Like many women I learned about it the hard way, through miscarriage, stillbirth, and preterm birth. It was an unexpected and incredibly difficult journey and as I went through it, I realised so many other women shared this struggle.

Shining light on modern pregnancy

I’ve founded Adia to help break the taboo around pregnancy challenges and modernise perinatal care to proactively and comprehensively support women and their partners on their fertility journey to having a healthy baby.


Fertility and pregnancy care is confusing and fragmented

Navigating fertility and pregnancy care can be confusing and an emotional roller-coaster. Women and their partners struggle to find the information and experts they need affordably. Their journey often requires a lot of effort to go through multiple different fragmented services making them feel even more confused and frustrated. Pregnancy care is also often either reactive or lacking for many women who face difficulties. For instance, women have to endure three recurrent miscarriages before being able to see a specialist doctor on the NHS.

‘You only get tests if you have multiple miscarriages. So if you don’t understand, you’re not going to understand any more. If you google why, you are inundated with information.’ (Lucina user)

The link between perinatal physical and mental health has also become more clear. During pregnancy, one in four women experience mental health problems, which has been shown to lead to poorer outcomes for the woman, the pregnancy and baby. Yet mental and physical health are often not joined up due to the fragmented nature of care.

These struggles are growing for women and their partners as more couples prioritise their career and delay starting a family to a later age, which increases risk of complications. Meanwhile the growing incidence of other health concerns such as diabetes and obesity is increasing risk of complications.


Revolutionising perinatal care

The time has never been more urgent to modernise obstetrics and provide more comprehensive care. Adia is a digital obstetrics clinic in your pocket. We are developing the most trusted and unbiased adviser for your fertility and pregnancy journey. Our product provides easy, affordable access to science, experts and medical and emotional support.

perinatal care

There are four core pillars to our approach:

  • Personalised pregnancy care: We provide a personal adviser, aided by a digital assistant, to help navigate choices and decisions and develop a plan that adapts throughout your journey.
  • Diagnostic testing: We fully integrate diagnostic testing into Adia so you can easily understand, purchase and review personalised fertility blood tests to assess reproductive health.
  • Expert care: We have organised a team of fertility specialists including obstetricians and therapists that you can access via web or mobile to answer your questions, review diagnostic tests, or better understand your fertility health.
  • Support: Adia provides easy access to emotional support through tools such as meditations, peer community, and educational resources. Most importantly, we make it easy for women to connect with others who have been through what they’re experiencing to help along the journey.


We have already launched our product, which achieved rapid adoption — 150% above our target in 48 hours and received brilliant feedback. Here’s what some users are saying:

I’m loving Adia

My wife & I came across Adia ….wishing something similar was around only three years ago when we could have used more support.

Adia is defining a whole new class of service to address this massive growing market need that is only going to grow more urgent.


Join the revolution

We have assembled a world class team for pregnancy care including serial entrepreneurs, medical doctors, experienced executives, and policy experts. We are joined by Ms Jessica Farren, our medical adviser, is the lead researcher on the impact of multiple miscarriages on mental health at Imperial College London, and Dr Camilla Rosan, our psychology adviser who is NHS England’s perinatal health lead.

Adia is also proudly a Zinc VC company — a social innovation programme focused on building tech companies to improve women’s mental health.

We’d also love to hear from you so please reach out to me at We are committed to shining a spotlight on women’s experiences and making sure our product is rooted in your needs.

Want to join us in this revolution?

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