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Our digital meetup: all about periods

We held the second of our digital meetup all about periods, with leading gynaecologist Dr Jessica Farren.  We discussed a variety of topics from what is a normal period to can you have regular periods and still be infertile?

Here are some of the questions we were exploring – tune in to find out the answers!

  • What is a normal period?
  • Is it usual to have clots in your menstrual blood?
  • Can you have regular periods and still be infertile?
  • What information can you get from your period about your reproductive health?
  • Why do women have different length of cycles and bleeding days?
  • What is endometriosis? What can you do? What about it you are trying to get pregnant?
  • Is period syncing a myth?
  • Is ¬†spotting/bleeding between periods a sign of infertility?
  • What does PCOS mean for fertility?
  • Is contraception good/bad for fertility?
  • How can we help fathers to discuss periods with their children?


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