Our Story

Fertility is complicated. Adia’s mission is to empower women with knowledge, and to change the approach to women’s reproductive health to one that is proactive, personalised and holistic.

Adia means innate strength from ancient sanskrit. We are passionate about helping women realise and develop their innate strength for whatever lies ahead in their journey.

Lina’s story

Adia was born out of my own struggles with conception and pregnancy. During my 20s and early 30s I did everything to avoid pregnancy — my focus was my career. But by the time I reached my mid-30’s I really wanted a family and thought I would have an easy road to motherhood. But instead I rode a roller coaster. I experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth and then trouble conceiving. The experience turned my life upside down. It was a real struggle and I often felt down both emotionally and physically. So I went on a long search for all the things that could help me and today, with much gratitude, I have two girls that keep me busy.

Adia’s fertility plan is a culmination of this journey and what I learned along the way. We have worked with some of the leading experts in the fields of reproductive, nutritional and emotional health to design a holistic approach to improving fertility and supporting you on your journey. We empower you to understand your health and access a science based plan curated for you, by our experts.

Lina’s story Adia

So many women face the same challenges

More and more women are making the life choices that I made. We are choosing to have children later. Unfortunately one of the leading causes of fertility challenges and pregnancy complications is age. But the good news is that there are many other things we can do to improve outcomes.  We remove the guesswork so you don’t have to rely on Dr. Google anymore, empowering you to be more proactive about your health and achieving your goals.

How Adia Helps

Empowering you with science, experts and support

  • Proactive tests to understand your fertility, nutritional and emotional health
  • A personalised plan to arm you with the facts about your fertility, improve your nutrition and help you keep a calm mind
  • Access world class doctors and health experts to answer your questions
  • Trusted, on-demand support from your Adia coach to guide your journey
How Adia Helps Adia

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