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Adia was built from my own experience of fertility struggles and loss on my journey towards parenthood, and aside from the physical experiences I encountered, there was also a huge mental weight, which we are only just starting to explore. Part of the isolation that I felt transpired as not having people to talk to or find relevant scientifically-sound information aside from Dr Google and some very impatient doctors and specialists. I only realised later that I was not alone, that there were others with resources, and places I could go to for support, I just didn’t know where to look or who to ask.

In this day and age, it shouldn’t have to be so hard to access these spaces, which is why we want to encourage you to share Adia with your network or anyone who wants to learn more about their reproductive health, especially those who may be suffering in silence. To reward you for becoming an ambassador for Adia and supporting our mission of improved reproductive wellbeing, we’ve launched our Adia referral system! So, for each friend who signs up to the platform, you’ll receive a discount on our fertility test- creating a ripple effect of women who are in control of their reproductive health!

In addition to changing the world and the approach we have had to fertility as a society (we dream big here at Adia HQ), inviting you to be our ambassadors has three main objectives:


Empower each other

We hear the term ‘It takes a village’ often when it comes to parental support, but we believe the aspect of community and mutual support is necessary long before that. This is especially true when it comes to understanding your fertility. Our journeys are often so similar, albeit personal and sometimes isolating and being there for each other can change this completely. You may not have all of the answers for all of our friends in every situation, but sharing resources, information and signposting can be the first and fundamental step to being there for each other. Reaching out, sending over an inspirational podcast or referring a friend to the Adia Platform could be the catalyst to help a loved one understand their periods or help someone going through infertility understand, feel at home in and empowered in their bodies.


Break the taboo

The very harmful taboos around women’s health from periods to pleasure and fertility means that there has been slow progression in finding solutions and support for some very common experiences. Hiding your period products on your way to the bathroom at work or not receiving a diagnosis or support for endometriosis for 5 years to suffering in resounding silence through a miscarriage are unfortunately all part of this broken shame-ridden system. Breaking these big taboos means we can build more effective holistic solutions, have more meaningful conversations and build systems that promote improved physical and mental health such as Adia and this menopause policy from Channel 4.


Lead a proactive lifestyle

Knowledge is power, support is key and Adia can provide both, helping you take your reproductive health into your own hands and understand your sexual and reproductive health. Whether you take our fertility test or complete a course, get access to the tools you need through the Adia platform. Knowing where you’re at both physically and mentally preconception gives you time to optimise your health so that when the time comes your are more informed, feel more empowered about the journey ahead of you.


Sharing is Caring

Ready to share Adia with a friend, but not sure how to start the conversation? We know full well that discussions around reproductive health can be difficult and sometimes triggering even with your nearest and dearest, so we’ve kept things simple and straightforward to help make some of this a little easier.


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2 Refer your friends

Once your account is set up, invite your friends to join our family using the link below and after they’ve signed up, you’ll get 10% off the price of our fertility test. You’ll have a better understanding of your fertility, and so will they!

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Our fertility test will help you better understand your ovarian reserve, ovulation and general hormone health, all important markers for conception, pregnancy and understanding your fertility!

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