Reproductive science

At Adia we believe that to optimise your fertility it’s important to understand
and improve your whole body health.
Our approach is founded on three key pillars of proactive planning,
reproductive science, and integrated mind-body care.

reproductive science


We empower you to better understand your fertility with an easy at home finger prick fertility blood test.


Our approach has been developed with leading doctors


We provide support to improve your physical and emotional health

What is the challenge?

Fertility is complicated

Fertility is complicated and Dr. Google can be very confusing. We’re frustrated that the traditional approach to women’s reproductive health is reactive. We are changing this. We want to empower women to be more proactive and arm them with the facts and tools to understand their fertility.

What is the challenge? Adia

Why is understanding your fertility important?

At Adia we believe in proactive care. Understanding your hormones earlier can help identify any issues, or give you the confidence that your fertility health is on track. Our fertility test will help you better understand your ovarian reserve, ovulation and general hormone health, all important markers for conception and pregnancy.

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Why planning ahead is so important?

Preconception health improves fertility, sets the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and the lifelong health of the baby. As women we are only told how to prevent pregnancy, not to plan for it. We’ve harnessed the latest reproductive science research to empower you to understand what steps you can take.  We also help you take care of your emotional health. Our emotional and reproductive health are linked.  In some cases, if you’re stressed, your menstrual cycle can be affected which means it can take longer to conceive. This is why our fertility health plan is for your whole body health.


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