Your at-home sperm test

Going to a clinic can be time consuming and awkward. Our easy at-home sperm test from ExSeed gives you complete privacy and control, with instant results and follow-up support.

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About the test

Quickly and conveniently assess your sperm health in the comfort of your home. Your report will explain how it may impact your ability to conceive and also provide guidance on how you can improve your sperm health.

  • Join Adia (it’s free) and go to the sperm test page.
  • Once ordered, our test partner will mail you your device in 2-3 days to take your sample.
  • Using the device and the camera on your phone you’ll be able to immediately see your results in their mobile application.

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Fast & accurate

No anxiety, no stress and no need to send a sample away. Analyse your sperm sample at home within just a few minutes using the app. 100% private and confidential.

Certified results

Our testing partner uses the same methods for sperm analysis as the NHS so results will be just as accurate as those from your doctor.

Personalised lifestyle programme

Focusing on nutrition, exercise and supplements. The lifestyle programme is built by our team of expert nutritionists and doctors for optimal results.

• Can I buy the test on behalf of someone else?

Yes! Just let us know their email at checkout and we will send them the test. For privacy reasons you will not be able to access their results unless they choose to share them with you.

• Who should take a sperm test?

Knowledge is power and the sooner you have it the better decisions you’ll make. If you’re considering having kids at all in the future its best to check your health and see where you stand.

• When should I take a sperm test?

It’s always good to be proactive when it comes to our health. You can actually improve sperm health quality with lifestyle changes but this can take months. So it is certainly a good idea to test 3-6 months before you plan to start trying to conceive, if not earlier.

• How long are the results accurate?

Sperm actually regenerate on approximately a 72 day cycle. So its best to test a second time in about 3 months after your first test especially if you have made any significant lifestyle changes.

• Can I get the test for free from the NHS?

Yes however you will need to demonstrate you have been struggling to conceive for some time. Then getting a referral to a specialist, holding your consultation, then doing a visit to a clinic to provide your test sample can take months.

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People love Adia

I highly recommend Adia!

They really care about the individual as a whole and work to help them holistically. Their integrated approach really sets them apart. I am very grateful to them.


Thank you Adia. You will change lives.

I followed all your tips and when I did my fertility test again I couldn’t believe the results. My FSH level went from 20 to 9, AMH went from 2 to 15. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance.


Great product

I felt really empowered by taking the fertility hormones test and understanding my fertility. Pregnancy and fertility is such a black box and this reassured me.