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Vodafone Techstarter: Adia selected for Top 50

We’re thrilled that Adia has been selected for the Vodafone Techstarter Top 50. It’s an exciting new joint initiative between Vodafone and Social Tech Trust to identify and support the most innovative UK companies pursuing missions with a social impact like our’s at Adia as Lina explained here.


What is the Vodafone Techstarter Top 50?

Started this year, the Vodafone Techstarter aims to uncover and develop ideas that can harness the power of technology, connectivity and innovation to improve health, education, environmental protection or social mobility. We are super exciting to see an initiative focussed on the role of technology for social good!

The whole idea is to help take transformational ideas from start-up to scale-up, so they can have the biggest impact. As well as access to funding, winners benefit from access to industry and technology expertise from Vodafone and the Social Tech Trust. This will enable them to take their innovations from prototype to market readiness. It’s great to see Vodafone supporting the innovation ecosystem in such a comprehensive way.

Adia selected for vodafone techstarters

What was the competition?

Over 250 for-profit and not-for-profit ventures applied. They are all  creating technology solutions that have the potential to transform lives or support a more sustainable future. The Techstarter Top 50 is a list of organisations who will move into the next stage of the competition.

The award judges are brilliant thought leaders in technology, including:

Why we’re proud to be included

We’re proud to be included in the Top 50! We’re joining other brilliant initiatives that will contribute positively to the world we live in. We’re committed to changing the way we approach women’s reproductive health making it proactive, holistic and personalised. We believe healthcare technology can and should be compassionate particularly when involved in very sensitive areas like health care.

I’m really grateful to Vodafone for selecting Adia and increasing the support to us and other social impact businesses to scale up our missions.

– Lina Chan, Adia CEO

Adia was selected with other companies with amazing missions to improve health and wellbeing. Here are some examples:

  • Mental Snapp– A diary app for managing mental health. It provides peer-led expertise, enabling users to improve their lives and develop their confidence.
  • BFB Labs – A mobile game that use the most effective elements in cognitive behavioural therapy. It helps 8 and 12-year-olds tackle their anxiety.
  • GoodGym – A platform for runners who want to do good while getting fit. It connects them with others who want to exercise and support good deeds in their community.
  • Onigo – An immersive adventure game that sets the player on a mission in their local park. It encourages social and active activity that improves mental and physical health.

Check out the full list on the Techstarter site here.

Good luck to all the companies in the competition!

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