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We’re rebranding Adia — here’s why

Startup rebrand

I’m excited to share that we are rebranding Adia and launching a new chapter on our journey! We’ve learned so much engaging with thousands of women over the last year inspiring us to grow and think bigger about our impact. We will be sharing more about the new brand and some super exciting product developments in the coming weeks but I just wanted to give a heads up and explain how we got here.

Not what we planned

Like most company rebrands, this was not planned! I have to admit initially we were forced into this. To make a long story short a little while ago a much larger technology company came knocking and believed we had infringed on their intellectual property. While we didn’t agree… they have more money and wanted to fight it out. We thought it was better to focus our energy and resources on helping you so we decided to turn to our community and explore our options. 

You are our inspiration

Initially this was really hard! We loved the name Adia and its meaning about inner strength. Yet we took this as an opportunity to reflect and create something even better. So we talked to our a lot of women using Adia, reviewed our data, and spent time reflecting on what we had learned. We also reflected our own journey with fertility including the challenges we encountered and what made the most impact for us to achieve our goals. So while this rebrand was initially forced upon us we’ve found inspiration for our future from our community.

Guiding lessons we learned

We’ll share more about the insights guiding our thinking but I wanted to note here three things we keep coming back to: 

  1. Trust: Accessing trusted, women-centric care remains very difficult for most women. We’ve seen how the trust support we provide makes a huge difference in impact on health and overall wellbeing. 
  2. Conversations: Health care can and should be a conversation not just an appointment or prescription. We’ve seen the profound impact ongoing conversations have changing the way we think about and engage with our health. 
  3. Getting Personal: We’re all trying to understand our bodies better, figure life out, and live healthier. Yet we struggle to get the guidance and support for this journey. We’ve learned how we can use data to provide personalised health insight and guidance that empower women on their health journeys. 

Look out for our next post to share more of these insights and what we’ve learned.

What’s next and getting involved! 

We’ll be talking with our community more and more over the coming weeks and sharing where we are going. We’ve had some great input so far that have helped us put our ideas together so now we’re looking for more feedback. We’d love to hear from you so Iif you’d like to get involved just sign up here

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