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What is a healthy lifestyle?

Earlier this week we published a blog written by our nutritionist Katie Darymple on what diet changes you can make to be pregnancy ready. A lot of us know what we should be doing (although there are a number of pregnancy and fertility specific tips) – but it doesn’t make it any easier, pass us that packet biscuits and an hour later they are all gone…With small changes like these however, you can build healthier habits.


How can we live a healthy lifestyle?

Do it with friends

Having the motivation to go on a lifestyle change solo can be hard. But we know from research into behaviour change that making it social works. So can you and a friend commit to having some fruit or nuts while you are watching a film rather than that massive bar of dairy milk? Or could you set up a weekly running club with your colleagues, and put it in the diary – much harder to duck out once it’s in the diary.

Remove the temptation

In behavioural science this is called ‘environmental restriction’ – but in reality it just means remove the temptation. Could you and your colleagues agree to only bring in cake on a Friday? Or when you go to the supermarket could you avoid the chocolate isle?

Swap it!

Food swaps are a really simple way to change your eating habits. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Swap white bread or pasta for wholegrain?
  • Swap sugary drinks for water?
  • Instead of frying meat/ fish, use the grill?
  • Can you swap a breakfast pastry or cereal bar for porridge?
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