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It’s important to note that our experts don’t provide medical diagnosis, treatment or care. They are here to empower you with trusted information about fertility. Always seek the advice of your Doctor or qualified health provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition or diagnosis or treatment.

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It can be difficult to access trusted information from women’s health experts – sadly the internet is full of conflicting information, which can be confusing and stressful. We want to make it easier to access trusted support.


Our women's health experts

Discover more about our women’s health experts:

Dr Jessica Farren MRCOG PhD:

Jessica is our go-to for advice relating to gynaecology and early pregnancy. She currently practices as an obstetrician and gynaecologist at Imperial College Healthcare Trust, having been awarded the prize medal for the highest mark in the membership examination for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Jessica has spent the last few years doing research looking into the emotional impact of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, working in an early pregnancy unit and caring for hundreds of women experiencing early pregnancy complications. She also developed a service for women experiencing severe nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum). She’s been involved in writing a number of research papers and book chapters in the field of early pregnancy, and has regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences.

Jessica is a mum herself, and found the experience of pregnancy and birth gave her an important insight into the highs and lows of being on the other side. She’s passionate about research and education, and ensuring women have all the information they need to navigate the sometimes confusing journeys of pregnancy and birth. Jessica is passionate about periods (!!!) –  and thinks nobody should consider heavy or painful periods part of the course of being a woman.

Dr Linda Farahani BSc MBBS MRCOG:

Linda is our resident fertility expert. She currently practices as an obstetrician and gynaecologist at Imperial College Healthcare Trust, specialising in fertility and reproductive medicine, having completed her training in 2016.

Linda currently works in the fertility unit at Imperial and has helped many women on their fertility journey. As well as a passion for ensuring that women and their partners receive excellent care, she has been involved in streamlining the service so that their experience is the best it can be.

Linda has also spent the last few years researching premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome and ectopic pregnancies, and has presented her findings at national and international conferences. She has also published a number of research papers as lead and co-author in the field of early pregnancy.

As a mum who has experienced her own struggles in conceiving she understands the difficulties some women may face, and hopes to use her own experience to help others.

Dr. Gowri Motha BSc MBBS CH MAR:

Gowri has worked as an obstetrician for 14 years within the NHS and pioneered water births within the NHS in 1987. During her time in the NHS, Gowri observed the positive impact of integrating holistic care alongside routine obstetric care.

Promoting natural fertility is a big part of Gowri’s practice and this involves offering the specific Creative Healing Female Abdominal massage to normalise female cycles and promote conception. Gowri believes that a woman can improve her chances of conception and also reduce complications during pregnancy and birth by combining simple and easy to use treatments along with a sensible eating plan to connect with good emotional and physical health.

Gowri is also the author of the ‘Gentle Birth Method’ and the ‘Gentle First Year’.  From 1986 Gowri has grown the Gentle Birth Method and her classes and treatments are now available at the Whittington hospital maternity unit to mothers and their partners.

She offers couples classes of self hypnosis with visualisation and yoga, along with one to one treatments of reflexology, creative healing technique of wellness treatments, the bowen, cranio-sacral and the alexander technique. Her ayurvedic and homeopathic consultations also offer advice and treatments for wellness in pregnancy and for mother and baby postnatally.

Gowri has been working with natural birth and natural fertility for over 30 years and has an enviable client list.

Katie Dalrymple ANutr – Nutrition Advisor:

Among our fertility experts, Katie is our Nutrition Advisor, she is an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) and is currently in the final year of her PhD in the Department of Women and Children’s Health at King’s College London. Katie’s PhD is focusing on diet and physical activity in pregnancy and the influence it has on the child’s health outcomes. As part of her current role at King’s she lectures on Statistics for Medical Trainees and lectures the medical undergraduate students as well as supervising a number of students for their final year research projects. She has written several research papers in the field of women and children’s health and has presented at national and international conferences and was recipient of the ‘Best Student Presentation’ at the UK Nutrition Society for two consecutive years. She is passionate about health and food and wants to ensure that all women are equipped with evidence based advice on their diet throughout preconception and pregnancy; helping to build on the foundations for their child’s health.

Dr. Camilla Rosan BSc (Hons) DClinPsy (Oxon) CPsychol:

Camilla works at NHS England in their Mental Health Clinical Policy and Strategy team leading the national perinatal mental health transformation programme.

Camilla is also a chartered consultant clinical psychologist and couple therapist by background and over her career has held a range of therapeutic roles relating to perinatal and family mental health. She has specific therapeutic training in video-feedback, cognitive behavioural therapy, compassion-focused approaches, emotion-focused couples therapy and mindfulness.

Camilla has a clinical academic background and has published extensively in peer-review journals, therapy manuals, book chapters, policy reports and national guidelines.  She has a specialist research interest in developing the field of couples work from pre-conception across the transition to parenthood and beyond. She is passionate about raising the profile of clinical psychology within the wider mental health landscape and empowering female leadership within the profession.

Camilla is a mum and lives with her partner, toddler and Westie terrier in South London.

Dr. Imogen Staveley BA BMBCh MRCP MRCGP MBA – GP:

Imogen currently practices as a GP at Bedworth Medical Centre in Warwickshire. She is also an elected governing body member at Warwickshire North CCG and a clinical lead for the Transforming Primary Care Team in NHS England London’s team (The Healthy London Partnership).  She recently was awarded a distinction in her MBA from Warwick Business School. She has completed diplomas in Sexual Health and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as a diploma in Leading in a Clinical Context (distinction). She has also founded PregnaPouch Ltd. PregnaPouch is an app which will allow women to carry their own medical records conveniently with them electronically during pregnancy to ensure they are empowered to receive high quality, joined up, safe and efficient care.  She is passionate about enabling shared decision making between patients and healthcare professionals.

Clare Connolly – Mindfulness and yoga specialist

Clare is the beautiful voice you will hear in all our mindful meditation programs.  Clare is a certified Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness meditation Coach. She studied under the great master Sri Dharma Mittra. When she is not busy teaching, she is an actress. Clare has appeared in TV drama, film and is often seen in the West End, recently in the critically acclaimed War Horse and The Exorcist!

Clare is extremely passionate about empowering women to develop a stronger understanding of, and relationship with, their physical and emotional health. Clare has worked with a number of clients who have struggled with conception and fertility and observed first hand how stress can have a negative impact. She wants to ensure women are equipped with the emotional resilience and support to navigate their personal journey, reduce stress, build strong relationships and thrive.

Clare is kind, compassionate and enthusiastic and believes that meditation is central to providing support, developing focus, inner strength and confidence. Her yoga classes are mindful, flowing and intelligently choreographed to inspire a sense of creativity and to uplift the student. Her meditations are relaxing, blissful, grounding and accessible to all.