Finding fertility confusing?

Get a plan to improve your fertility

Adia’s 3 month plan harnesses harnesses the latest scientific research to give you the immediate steps to improve your fertility. You will understand which tests to take, identify and address potential challenges, and learn ways to improve your fertility health.

Your personal fertility plan

Your plan includes all the important facts you need to know to improve your knowledge about, hormone levels., fertility and conception. From how to understand your period to how to recognise your fertile signs. We also guide you through what lifestyle changes you can make to support your fertility health. This has been curated for you, by our experts.

Did you know that our bodies begin ‘recruiting’ the egg for each cycle three months before actual ovulation? It also takes the same amount of time for men to produce new sperm. So the three months preconception is a brilliant opportunity to make lifestyle changes that will support a healthy egg (and sperm!). Our preconception plan guides you through the changes you can make over those three months, and provides you with continued support from our experts.


Your plan has been designed to  make sure you have the key nutrients in your diet for your fertility health. It is based on the Nurse’s Health Study conducted by clinicians at Harvard University.  Women in the study who followed three or four of the recommendations were 66% less likely to have problems conceiving than women who didn’t. We’ll guide you through these changes, plus strategies to improve your relationship to food over three months – the time period that your body is recruiting an egg, and the length of time research finds is needed to make changes to diet habits.

Emotional health

Your plan provides you with the tools you need to understand and improve your emotional health. This includes mindfulness meditations that tracks your reproductive cycle so you can keep a calm mind and better tune into your body every month. We also help you develop other skills to boost your emotional health, including relaxation, letting go of control and focussing on your relationships.

Why plan for fertility?

Why is having a plan important?

We plan for school, mortgages and retirement but we rarely plan ahead for our fertility health. The fact is that the health of your pregnancy starts well before you even conceive! And your ability to conceive is influenced by your health for months or longer before you even try. So planning ahead can help you make sure you are in the best position possible.

Why plan for fertility? Adia

Continued access to experts

We believe in the importance of access to expertise. You can submit questions to our experts on reproductive, nutritional and emotional health at anytime throughout your journey. Our experts are not a substitute for your doctors and will not diagnose your situation but rather, will empower you with the information you need to confidently take your next steps forward on your journey.

You can also message with your Adia coach instantly. We’re here for your whole journey, and are on hand to provide support.

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How your plan is created

We have pulled together the latest scientific research and worked closely with our experts. We have integrated all that knowledge into Adia to deliver a personalised plan. So whether you are 26 or 40, struggling with IVF or just curious about pregnancy, or facing a challenging complication — we’ve got you covered.

How to use your plan

Your plan provides a guide for the next steps on your fertility journey and helps you prioritise what to do next. You no longer have to wait weeks for an appointment, or cut through the confusion online. The contents of your plan can also help you talk with your doctor about any questions you may have. And as you progress on your journey your plan does too — always helping you stay one step ahead.